we must know about Jamun fruit

By | July 25, 2020

Jamun fruit botanical name is Syzygium cumini belongs to family of Myrtaceae. This fruit has several names such as java fruit, jamun fruit, java plum, malabar plum, jambolan, black plum. It is also called as indian black berry fruit

This is slowly growing but grow up to 30 meters and live many years. This tree has many branches and gives shelter some little birds. The fruits commonly found in between May and June.

This fruit looks like oval in shape, black in color and inner of the fruit is purple in color. The fruit taste is sweet and little bit of sour taste. When we eat the fruit, the tongue color appears to be purple.

Jamun fruit contain properties of zinc, manganece, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, vitamin c etc. Jamun fruit has more healthful benefits. Iron in the jamun is develop rate of red blood cells fight against anemia.

Vitamin C in the jamun developed immunity and bone density. This fruit also controls the high blood pressure and heart related diseases. Antioxidants in the jamun prevents the blood cancer agents.

Jamun fruit and seeds are very useful to controls the diabetes. Wood of the jamun tree used as doors, window and furniture.

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