Uses of steam inhalation for get relief from cold and cough

By | August 9, 2020

Steam inhalation is best procedure for cold, cough and easy breath. In the pandemic situation most people use steam inhalers for cold for fastest relief. Steam inhalation is traditionally and anciently used as home remedy to get rid of cold and easy breath.

Steam inhalation is nothing but inhalation of water vapor. In some other cases, peoples uses in inhalation process some ayurvedic liquids consists of eucalyptus oil like zinda, zandu, some liquid filled capsules. In the inhalation process, when we haled the water vapor, it can open nasal passages to get easy breath and soothe from cold, cough.

Warm water vapor is loosened the mucus from the way of nose to lungs so, we feel comfort after inhalation. For the children, we use nebulization therapy for cold. In the nebulization process, we used only vapor with medicinal liquid. This process more helpful in some relief from cough and cold in children.

Steam inhalation is most used for common cold, sinus problems, throat irritation, cough, nasal allergies etc.

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