Best foods to boost Memory power

By | July 21, 2020

Memory power is most important in our life. If can not have good memory power, we loss everything to get good living life style and also can not achieve our goals.

Now we know about the foods that are increase and boost memory power. Mostly Vitamin B and C are useful to good memory power. Vitamin C is deal with mental agility and this highly found in citrus fruits like orange, mosambi, lemon, kiwi etc.

Vitamin B is prevents against from cognitive impairment and age-related brain shrinkage. Vitamin B mostly found in eggs, meat, fish, milk, leaf vegetables etc.

Drinking coffee is also stimulate and regulate the nerve cells function in the brain to get activeness and memory power. Taking whole grains in our diet also boost the memory power.

Eating dry fruits and nuts to get good memory power. Mostly soaked almonds and pumpkin seeds are rich memory power agents. Eating cherries, blue berries and black berries have anthocyanins that regulates the memory function.

Walnuts to see look like human brain. This works on brain system and improve cognitive functions. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the brain health. Try to get adequate vitamin D to our body to get memory power.

Regularly do meditation, yoga and exercises to cool and improve the mental status. Drink less alcohol and eat green and fresh vegetable and good diet. Sleep well at least daily 8 hours in day. Practice puzzles and brain games.

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