What is Natural ways to looks beautifully

Now a day everybody wants be look beautifully when they went out side. Our face is the main thing to impress other. There are so many ways natural to look beautifully. Every day must drink 4-5 liter of water compulsory to face fairness. Use the natural fruits as a face pack. When you are to… Read More »

How to Know common flu or virus flu:

Present in the situation all the people are afraid of a virus attack that is corona virus. It attacks on respiratory tract and causes severe respiratory abnormalities. Corona virus name changed as Covid-19 because of different types of corona viruses are present. All the people are may believe that this virus first appeared in China… Read More »

Habits to keeps your lungs healthy

The lungs are mostly important organ to we live. The lungs are located behind the backbone and either side of the heart. The lungs are the primary organs of the respiratory system. The lungs have both lobes and segaments. The lungs are conical in shape. The lungs are two right and left. Generally, the right… Read More »

Insects in the home and their effects

Today we know about the most common insects that are irritate daily of ours routine lifestyle. They are cockroaches, houseflies, ants, mosquitoes. Ants, houseflies and mosquitoes are seasonally attacks our homes. Ants are mostly seen in the summer season and the mosquitoes are start from the rainy season to the winter season and they are… Read More »

Remedies to cure skin problems

Some of the people are bother with scabies. They take different of treatment but permanently not cured. Scabies is a infectious and contagious. Scabies is a infestation of the skin caused by a mite that is Sarcoptes scabiei. This mite live so many months on the skin and reproduce increase number form in group. This… Read More »

Health tip for reducing calcium deficiency and anemia

Nowadays, the people are mostly suffers with anemia and deficiency of calcium. Most of the teenagers are especially girls suffers with anemia due to their diet plans, their busy of studies, fashion of zero size etc. Decrease of the red blood cells are in blood is called anemia. If the red blood cells are decrease,… Read More »